District Line

Victoria to Embankment, featuring boozy politicians and secret glimpses of Tube trains

This walk takes us along a stretch of the Tube's second-oldest line.


Who is the only person allowed to drink alcohol in the House of Commons chamber?

How did Nelson Mandela's fax machine cause problems with the design of South Africa's flag?

Why did the widow of the ‘Mind the Gap' man go to Embankment station but not catch a train?

Whose is the only tomb you're not allowed to walk over in Westminster Abbey?

Why did the woman who gave her name to the pavlova refuse to look at a statue of herself?


I'll also show you a place from where you can see the District Line trains passing below - it's so secret that even confirmed Tube nerds don't know about it ...



London Bus

A London double decker bus can lean further from the vertical without falling over than a human can. What a great way of learning about centres of gravity. The reason a Routemaster can lean so far is that there's a great long strip of pig-iron welded to its base, keeping you top-deckers safe as you go round corners. If you want reassuring photographic evidence, click here