The C Words

Commitment, coupledom, children...

My third novel, about a man using a self-help book to solve his commitment problems.

The C Words
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This was originally called The C Word, but Tesco thought that might be seen as offensive. ‘How about if we add an ‘s'?' asked my publisher. ‘No problem,' said Tesco.


‘Reminiscent of Nick Hornby in its confessional style, this is a book about men aimed firmly at women.' Marie Claire

‘Funny and entertaining.' Closer


London Bus

A London double decker bus can lean further from the vertical without falling over than a human can. What a great way of learning about centres of gravity. The reason a Routemaster can lean so far is that there's a great long strip of pig-iron welded to its base, keeping you top-deckers safe as you go round corners. If you want reassuring photographic evidence, click here